Money Saving Products?

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We get to see what keywords or phrases people who come to this website searching on Google (or whatever search engine they use), and it is interesting to see that one of the main phrases bringing people to this website is “Money Saving Products“.

This suggests to me that the category we called Money Saving Products and Services is perhaps misleading people into thinking that we dispense such items, or that they even exist at all.

There are very few ‘products' out there that will save you money.

There are a lot of products out there that will cost you money. We do, still, live in a capitalist world, after all.

There is a rule of thumb that a good tax accountant will ask a business about any expense claimed: is it necessary?

This is the only consideration that should be taken before purchasing any product, though, in personal life, if the answer is “no” then the next questions must be “will I enjoy using it?” and, if so, “how often will I use it?” (i.e. is it good value for money).

Spending money on any sort of product – whether a ‘money saving product' or not – without first engaging with whether or not you, in fact, actually need it will, in the long run, cost you money.

Lastly, any product that you think you ‘must have' has probably been bought by other people in the past, who no find they no longer need it: try to get a free one; one from a charity shop; or a second hand version.

Which leads rather handily to my next tip…

In conclusion for this one, yes, there may be a product that saves you money – for example, spending a lump sum on a renewable energy source, but be sure to do the maths before you buy and, if you do buy, always look to pick one up second hand or as cheaply as possible to maximise the money saved!

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