When you buy a new toilet seat……

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After spending two glorious weeks with our friends in the Loire Valley of France,  today we went to the local shopping complex, LeClerc, to purchase our daily rations, and ….. a new toilet seat.

You see, the renovators of our friends French Grainery turned rental cottage, neglected the need for a high quality toilet seat.  With a two person cottage now accomodating 4 people, two of them Aussies, the said toilet seat has taken a battering over the last two weeks, and “gave up the ghost” yestersday. It had had enough.

Not only was I surprised with the amazing range of toilet seats at LeClerc, I had never realized there was such a difference in price and quality.

At first we opted for the 5 Euro plastic stylised version, but figured it really wouldn't last even one day. Then we considered one with a star fish embedded in the seat….. really not so comfy, and I don't fancy pulling a star fish out of my bum.

In the end we settled on a good old wooden style, stainless steel hinged dunny seat that surely will be here in one piece when we visit again next year, or in ten years.

Remember, even when you're buying toilet seats….in France…. the trade off is always… do I want to end up in the shitter or not…

You get what you pay for!

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