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Five tips on how to asses a precious metal dealer

There are many metal dealers in the market who offer precious metal services. Each one of them offers different types of services to ensure satisfaction to their customers. It is important to choose a dealer from whom you can get the best value for your money. Some of the things to look at when selecting a dealer include:

  • Experience.  An organization that has been in existence for long has skills and experience in metal deals. Knowledge comes with a long time of experience. There are many dealers pretending to have knowledge in metal investment. Always ensure that you get the right metal dealers with great skills to help you succeed in your investment.
  • Price.  Price is a really important factor in precious metal investment. A lower price value allows you to recoup your investment. A lower price also enables you to make substantial profit when you sell them at higher prices. Considering that dealers will charge you for their buying and selling services or even consultancy, you should compare rates offered by different dealers. Always ensure that you choose high quality dealers who will offer quality service at a reasonable price.
  • Safe transportation to the investor’s home.  Because of the value in these types of metals, the transportation process is usually risky. Choose a dealer who will ensure safe transportation to your house or premises. Other dealers offer free shipping services as a way of after sales service. Therefore, choose dealers who will offer such services to help you in cutting your transportation costs. These dealers also offer such services to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Easy purchase.  Metal prices may fluctuate over some period of time when affected by factors such as political issues and economic climate. Investing in metals at the right time means that you should buy or sell your metals quickly. Choose an online precious metal dealer who offers an easy means of doing business. Their website should be available all the time so that irrespective of the time, you can buy or sell your metals with ease. A good dealer helps you to buy or sell your metals at a perfect time when you are going to make best returns.
  • Variety.  A good precious metal dealer should have a wide variety of metals to choose from. A new investor will require a dealer who offers variety of metals, thus giving you many options to choose from. A dealer who offers a variety of metals also helps investors anytime the market changes and there is need to buy different types of metals.
Money Saving Products and Services Money Saving Tips

Get One For Free!

Its the Age of Austerity, yet people are still buying questionable consumer goods.

They must be; things like this still get advertised on whole channels devoted to useless tat that makes our lives more cluttered, and no easier than before:

So, instead of buying this stuff, if you need something, you should get if for free – start Freecycling, or Freeguling (it has a number of names, now).

Money Saving Products and Services Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Products?

We get to see what keywords or phrases people who come to this website searching on Google (or whatever search engine they use), and it is interesting to see that one of the main phrases bringing people to this website is “Money Saving Products“.

This suggests to me that the category we called Money Saving Products and Services is perhaps misleading people into thinking that we dispense such items, or that they even exist at all.

There are very few ‘products’ out there that will save you money.

There are a lot of products out there that will cost you money. We do, still, live in a capitalist world, after all.

There is a rule of thumb that a good tax accountant will ask a business about any expense claimed: is it necessary?

This is the only consideration that should be taken before purchasing any product, though, in personal life, if the answer is “no” then the next questions must be “will I enjoy using it?” and, if so, “how often will I use it?” (i.e. is it good value for money).

Spending money on any sort of product – whether a ‘money saving product’ or not – without first engaging with whether or not you, in fact, actually need it will, in the long run, cost you money.

Lastly, any product that you think you ‘must have’ has probably been bought by other people in the past, who no find they no longer need it: try to get a free one; one from a charity shop; or a second hand version.

Which leads rather handily to my next tip…

In conclusion for this one, yes, there may be a product that saves you money – for example, spending a lump sum on a renewable energy source, but be sure to do the maths before you buy and, if you do buy, always look to pick one up second hand or as cheaply as possible to maximise the money saved!

Money Saving Products and Services Money Saving Tips

Transfer or Spend Money Internationally – Cheaply

Transferring money to, or spending money in, countries other than your own can often be an expensive experience.

The following money saving options may well reduce or eliminate the currency transfer charges, bad rates of exchange and slow transactions that are so often present in ordinary international bank transfers or cash withdrawals.

Get a Prepaid Debit Card

Get a prepaid debit card (Mastercard or VISA) in the currency of the place you are due to visit – for example Euros for Europe or USD (US Dollars) for the USA.

Getting prepaid cards is quick and easy and, depending upon their fee structure, can often represent significant savings from using your ordinary bank debit or credit card to make purchases and/or cash withdrawals in a foreign country.

Click here to compare UK (GBP) prepaid debit cards.

Use A Currency Transfer Service

I use Tranzfers, the prepaid commission free online currency transfer service to move money from Australia to the UK whenever I need to do this. There is a flat fee, but you can charge up a transfer by choosing the exchange rate you want – unlike with a bank, who will offer you a poor rate or charge a commission. The fee is IRO £7 GBP (or currency equivalent) to make an international money transfer with Tranzfers.

Click here to visit Tranzfers and find out about signing up and transferring money internationally with them.

Of course, the most cash clever way to go about this is not to spend money in other countries, but, if you do have to, always consider ways to eliminate excessive fees that are often associated with international money transfers.

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