Number One Money Saving Tip? Be Inspired!

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This is our first ever money saving tip here on Be Cach Clever! and it is the most important one – in order to Be Cash Clever! you usually have to Be Inspired.

I draw my inspiration from all kinds of places – and all of them are totally free:

  • Nature
  • Books (from my local library)
  • Walking in the hills
  • Music (okay, the radio you have to buy!)

There are lots of other free sources of inspiration – and that's just what you need to draw on to Be Cash Clever! You need to work out what matters the most to you and grab it with both arms – usually the most important things are totally free and totally awe inspiring.

I'm talking about things like your family, or the way the sunlight reflects onto the ceiling of your room at sunset.

So whatever you do today, be inspired, and Be Cash Clever!

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