Choose the Right Advice

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There's nothing worse than hearing someone drone on, giving you advice that you could quite happily live without.

Here at Be Cash Clever! we don't give advice, we just provide tips and information – we know you are smart enough to take what you need from what we say – but the subject of this little Money Saving Tip is to choose the right advice.

This means, more importantly, that you should be careful who you take advice from.

You wouldn't ask a homeless man for advice on keeping your living costs down… or would you?

People often say to me “I'd only take money saving advice from a millionaire” but this is actually a counter-intuitive approach. The worst person to ask for advice on saving money is a rich person – why does someone with a lot of disposable income know anything at all about saving money?

They wouldn't. They would know about interesting ways in which you can spend your money.

You want advice on saving money – or making the most of a meagre amount – ask the right people. Ask a student. Ask a homeless person. Ask somebody who lives on a state pension. You'll learn of little ways in which these people save literally hundreds of units of currency just by thinking around all instances where money changes hands.

These are the people to turn to – and, luckily for you, these are the sort of life experiences I have had, that I can share with you.

But don't stop there – leave your own number one money saving tip in the comments box below – and here you should say something that avoids having to spend any money whatsoever, not just how to get a 10% discount!

My first tip is simple: Choose the Right Advice: if you want to Be Cash Clever! you need to make sure you take advice from people who rarely spend money unless they absolutely have to – not from people with limitless resources (though the former could become the latter for obvious reasons, this is by no means guaranteed!).

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