Top 5 Best Coin Storage Solutions

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Coins have a rich history. If you are a coin collector, it makes sense to store your coins safely so that they are not lost or damaged. The monetary value of properly stored coin collections cannot be underestimated. (It is important to purchase quality coins from a reputable coin dealer, of course.)

Coins tend to react with various environmental factors. (Gold coins don't tend to react as badly as silver coins, though.)  Some of the causes of coin damage include exposure to humidity, contact with acids, extreme temperatures, improper handling, contact with chlorine, and air pollution. Here are some of the best storage ideas to protect your coin collection form damage.

  1. Choose the best coin holder.  Do not store your collection inside jars, cigar boxes or dresser drawers; these areas cause huge damages to your collection. You should buy a coin album or a coin folder to house your coins safely.
  2. Select a good location.  Where you store coins determines how long the precious items last. Do not store coins in areas with extreme conditions such as the basement. Make an effort to store them under conditions that don't vary too much.
  3. Safe deposit box.  This is one of the safest places to store the collection. It is wise to hire the services of a local bank where the coins will be stored safely in a safe deposit box. This option may seem very expensive but it is very rewarding in the end. This solution ensures that coins are safe from criminals and fire. At the bank, silica gel is placed inside the safe deposit box to protect the coins form water vapor damage. The silica gel has the ability to absorb moisture from the environment thus keeping your coins in good shape.
  4. Home/office safe.  A cheaper alternative to storing your coins in a bank is purchasing a home or office safe deposit box. This method of storage is very safe as you eliminate extra charges for storage. Make sure that you constantly buy silica gel to minimize the effects of water vapor.
  5. Metal cabinets.  You should never store your coins in wooden cabinets as they emit harmful chemicals, which cause damage. Metal cabinets will provide a safer environment for storage as they do not pose any risk to the condition of your coins.

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