Control Money Don’t Let It Control You

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As unfortunate as it is, money does seem to make the world go round.

We need money to eat, to keep the electricity on, to go to school, etc. Then, in order to make the money needed for these bare necessities plus any extra expenses, we have to work consistently to keep the money coming in. With inflation and the economy the way it is right now, it's very hard to afford what you may need or want on a typical salary or income. This leads to people utilizing credit cards and loans – essentially borrowing money that they know they will not be able to pay back. Many people are suffocated by credit card debt that they are unable to manage. Financial situations like these can make people feel out-of-control, depressed and hopeless.

But you can get back in control of your finances! You don't have to let the ‘almighty dollar' dictate your life and what you are able to accomplish.

Budget: It sounds so simple but a lot of people still don't utilize this strategy when it comes to determining where and how they can save money. Analyze where you spend your money and then determine which expenses are necessities and which are frivolous. Do some research and find out if there are ways you can save money – whether going to a different grocery store, switching insurance companies, etc. People tend to get stuck in a routine and don't realize that things around them are changing all of the time. Use this to your advantage.

Debt Management: The first step in controlling your debt is to STOP spending money that you don't have. Lock up your cards, cut them up, give them to someone else to hold onto – do whatever you need to in order to avoid using them. Paying the minimum payment or anything less than the full amount owed will cost you more money in interest charges. If you are constantly adding more charges you are burying yourself even more. Next, identify all of your debts and which are the most important to pay off first. Some believe it to be better to pay off the smallest amount first while others believe it to be advantageous to pay off the debt that is accruing the most interest. Determine your strategy based on your financial goals

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