Bake Your Own

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Money saving comes in many forms, and there's none better than the simplest money saving idea of all – bake your own.

The benefits of baking your own bread, pies and more are many and varied:

  • It smells nice;
  • You get a sense of accomplishment;
  • You can experiment and practice your culinary artistry;
  • flour is cheaper than baked goods.

The last point is the main reason why, in this ongoing financial hiatus, we should be turning to our mixing bowls and pulling out the bread tins once more, like the housewives of old.

And no, I don't mean rush out and buy a breadmaker – that's spending money, not saving it (though if you have one already, maybe give it a dusting off!).

So, take small steps. Maybe this weekend, you could make an apple pie (if you get the apples for free from a neighbour's tree, even better!).

Feel free to leave your favourite recipe(s) in the comments section below.

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