A few things you should know about selling your gold!

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If you've been considering taking advantage of the escalating price of gold you should know more than just where to sell gold. There's money to be made, there's no doubt about it. But maybe just a few pointers wouldn't be a bad idea.Just a few words to the wise

Below are some things to keep in mind when it comes to selling off your gold.

  • Just in case… get a receipt! One never does know if a future dispute will arise, though hopefully you did your homework in advance and checked out your gold buyer ahead of time. Still, it never hurts to have a receipt for any transaction. What should be included on this receipt? The date of the transaction, name of the precious metal purchased (gold in this case), fineness of the gold purchased, the weight of the gold, standard measures of weight and the prices paid for gold, signature, address and name of the gold seller and of course the address and name of the buyer.
  • When possible, watch the weigh-in. If you are sending away, just make sure you've done your homework. Research the company, look at testimonials and get unbiased reports off the internet.
  • The same goes for testing. But once again, if you've checked out the company and have faith in them, all will hopefully be fine.
  • Know your gold. Don't just send off your stuff without having at least some idea of what you have in advance. There's no harm in getting an estimate before you send off your gold.
  • Got a scale? Weigh your gold before shipping it out. Remember that the entire weight of a piece might not be all gold. You want me to meet you where? Do not meet someone somewhere even remotely questionable. The rear room of grocery stores, laundry mats and garages is not where you want to ‘do a deal'.
  • If you do your gold selling in person, never, ever let it out of your sight. There is nothing that buyer needs to do that can't be done in front of you.
  • Would you buy the first car you see on the lot? Hopefully not. Research, shop around, compare. Don't go for the first offer no matter how ‘generous' it seems. And never fall for ‘this is a limited offer', ‘one time only' or ‘I can only offer this for another 5 minutes'. Puh-leeze.
  • How can you see the gold over the phone? Believe it or not, some buyers actually give phone quotes. How on earth will that be accurate?

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