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Everyone has their favourite Cash Clever tip that they have used to save themselves a real bundle over the years.

Whether it be using the “reduced to clear” aisle first, or simply staycationing, you can leave your favourite money saving tips below and share it with our cash savvy community of world-wide money saving mavens!

The best tipsters may well (almost certainly will!) be asked to contribute more regular pieces to this website – get involved by leaving a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Leave Your Tips”

  1. Use pinking shears to cut up old Christmas, Eid or Hanukah cards to make Christmas (or Eid or Hannukah) present tags.

    Collect Queen Anne’s Lace and cow parsley, hang upside down in a dry airy place and then spray silver or gold for seasonal flower arrangements and decorations. Pine cones are also good for this.

    For cheap wrapping paper, use newspaper and then personalise it with coloured felt tip pens. Or if you have children – let them finger paint the wrapped presents.

    Save ribbons, celophane, tissue paper and gift bags in a drawer to use for wrapping presents in the holiday season.

  2. look at your phone instead of buying a watch for timekeeping.

    try out the 10p shower gel at Tesco – it’s weird and gloopy but you won’t find a cheaper soap!

  3. Join your local library – free books, free films, newspapers, DVDs and music. They will often also give you free internet access.

    If you’re worried about incurring a fine or don’t want to give your details, just pop in and sit down for a read.

  4. I’ll get the ball rolling to show you how this is done!

    Money Saving Tip – Never sign a contract with a mobile phone company, just get a sim free deal and out it into a second hand handset on Pay As You Go.


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