Bargain Bin

While we know which products are “False Economy” – which means you should probably avoid the cheapest items – we also wanted to point out when you should go for the steepest discount, i.e. when the name don't matter!

Here is the list of Bargain Bin items we always recommend buying the cheapest possible item:

  • Shaving Foam – what's wrong with ordinary soap? I have shaved with 5p soap all my life, and my facial hair is rampant – and “lady” shaving products are no different to mens' – don't spend money on this stuff;
  • Razor Blades – similar to the above, do you really need to pay for a razor that sponsors the world's richest sports stars, or just one that can cut through your facial hair. Almost any razor can achieve the latter.

Leave your biggest Bargain Bin products in the comments section below – the day-to-day items where you would always go for the extra value product over the Brand Name.

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